Esquire TV Network Presents 'Wrench Against the Machine'


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Esquire TV Network Presents 'Wrench Against the Machine'

Have you ever wished there was a show like Junk Yard Wars, but pitting teams of motorcycle guys against each other to build the most awesome bike? The Esquire Network (the network formerly known as Spike) is your genie in a bottle, and "Wrench Against the Machine" is the show.


There are basically two types of reality shows: the ones like "Sacred Steel Bikes," which attempt to show you the typical day-in-day-out lives and work of interesting people and places, and ones like "Great Biker Build Off" where two or more teams try to do the best within the constraints of the time, budget, and design brief of the show. As you may have gathered, "Wrench Against the Machine" is the second type.

Popular media is legally obligated to include a shot of an angle grinder in any motorcycle show.
Popular media is legally obligated to include a shot of an angle grinder in any motorcycle show.

Each team is given a rundown bike and has just three days and $3,000 to build the best bike they can. Only time will tell what the exact definition of "best" will be, or if it changes from episode to episode. My hope is that there are some different performance tests from episode to episode, as well as judging based on looks and function. I recall on the "Biker Build Off" show an episode where Roland Sands and Jesse Rook built bikes, then drag raced, flat-tracked, and road raced, in order to see whose was best.


Speaking of Roland, he is one of the judges on the show, along with Woolie, the head custom builder at Deus Ex Machina Venice, and Alan Stulberg, founder of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show and a good custom fabricator himself. From the look of the trailer, and two of the three judges involved, the show is based in Los Angeles; Alan Stulberg is based out of Austin, Texas. The relatively simple nature of the show, and the tight time frame of each episode, make it perfect for traveling and showcasing some of the builders in places like Texas, Oregon, New York, and even other countries. Here's hoping.

Wrench 3

The show premiers on Tuesday, November 15th, on the Esquire Network, which has replaced what used to be Spike TV. You are on your own finding it; I'm not even sure what channel that is on my own cable. I'm trying to get a preview of it, so you can trust I will have a review of it up for you as soon as I can. Here is the trailer:

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