Get Connected With Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Half-Helmet


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Get Connected With Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Half-Helmet

Sena Technologies has announced the release of the new Cavalry half-helmet with Bluetooth 4.1 technology. With its sleek design and simple functionality, the Cavalry system is integrated to meet the connectivity needs of those riders who prefer a low-profile helmet.

With its built-in headset, the $349.00 Cavalry is an all-in-one helmet and Bluetooth communicator that comes ready to go. This DOT approved half-helmet lets you rock out to your favorite music, answer phone calls, listen to GPS navigation, and use the built-in Bluetooth intercom to talk with four of your buddies up to 900 meters away.

With ten hours of talk time, the Cavalry is the perfect helmet for longer rides. Cavalry comes equipped with HD quality speakers and is engineered with Sena's Advanced Noise Control technology for wind noise reduction and a wide volume control in order to get the most out of any ride. The Cavalry also comes with optional ear pads in order to boost audio while you're out on the open road.

DOT approved
Bluetooth 4.1
Built-in speakers mic
10 hours of talk time
Universal Intercom
900 meter intercom
Four-way Intercom
Group Intercom
Advanced Noise Control
FM radio
Music Sharing
Voice prompts
Water resistant

Like all Sena products, Cavalry is firmware upgradable and comes with Sena's industry-leading two-year warranty, and is now available on For more information as well as the full Sena product line, please visit:

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