Hwy-5 Bike Fest - IV League/RideApart Racing, Flat Track School, Bike Show and More


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NEXT WEEKEND! We're helping to host a gigantic weekend of motorcycle festivities. Think of it like a motorcycle fair, but instead of rides and candy-apples, it's racing and bike shows.

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When: Oct. 23rd-24th, 2015

Where: Bakersfield, CA Kern County Raceway

What: Flat track Schooling and Bike Show (along with a huge weekend of racing)

Why: Because why the hell not?

Who: Joint venture with IV League Flat Track, Roland Sands, LA Motorcyclist, RideApart, E-Ticket Promotions and Bakersfield H-D. 

Weekend Festivities

FRIDAY NIGHT (gates open at noon) – MX practice – Flat Track School – Step Up – Best Whip – Live Bands
SATURDAY (8am)  – MX Racing to start the day – RSD/RideApart Bike Show – Swap Meet – Bike Parade – Flat Track Limbo – FLAT TRACK RACING
SUNDAY (8am)  – Beginner/amateur Flat Track racing – Supermoto – Crossover KING – Bike Wash

Hwy-5 Bike Fest

IV League Flat Track has another weekend of fun racing, but with even more stuff this time. Spectator gates open at noon on Friday or practice.

Saturday gates open at 8am with Motocross in the morning, along with the bike show and flat track school all happening simultaneously. Saturday night will be the flat track races.

Sunday morning will consist of Supermoto followed by awards, including the triple crown for the riders who compete in all three classes of racing. Throw in some music and food, and it’s like a motorcycle fair.

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You know IV League Flat Track, right? They’re the guys that put on fun flat track events like Del Mar. They recently held the Perris auto track race, running clay, which is fast and a little more rare in So-Cal.

They’ve handled all the hard parts, and the weekend should be a sheer thrill for all.

Motorcycle Show 

We've joined up with IV League Flat Track, Feel Like a Pro Dirt, LA Motorcyclist, and Roland Sands to help out with the weekend's festivities. I'll be hosting the bike show Saturday with Roland Sands and LA Motorcyclist. We have a long list of categories. Winners will receive gear from some of our sponsors, like RSD and Deus Ex Machina. The featured classes listed below (note: this is not all of the classes for the show), will include a hand built trophy from the RSD crew:

RSD Favorite

Deus Ex Machina European Class (Deus Trophy and prizes)

Best in Show

Garage Built

Best Overall Vintage

Editor's Pick

Best V-Twin

The show will start at 9am on Saturday. It's only $20 to register there.


To register for the races visit here: http://www.ivlft.com/events/i5-bike-fest-new/

Flat Track School

No experience necessary! We just attended the Feel Like A Pro Dirt School and it was an absolute blast. Bring your own bike, or use one of the already prepped Kawasaki 140cc bikes. Gear provided if you rent a bike. Register by emailing, FeelLikeAProDirt@Yahoo.com


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