K.O. Wins 2017 Best Action Short at OIFF


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K.O. Wins 2017 Best Action Short at OIFF

Bikes, beers, and Big Foot. What's not to love?

Last Halloween, WESTx1000 joined film producer Ron Sacdalan deep in the woods of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to sit by a camp fire, ride dual-sports, and search for Big Foot. What they found was weirder and more dangerous than they could have imagined.

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With the help of Tracy Sacdalan, Andy Audette, Jasmine Yockey, and several musical guests, the crew took Ron’s sci-fi brainchild and created a fantastic backwoods motorcycle thriller called K.O. Kyra was repeatedly dragged through the woods for that perfect shot, and Justin saved the day by going mano a mano with Big Foot himself. Autumn took its toll on the team as they rode through windy single-track, filmed in torrential downpours, but they got their shots and accomplished it all on a shoestring budget! The movie has monsters, aliens, chills, thrills, spills, and motorbikes. What else do you need?

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Nearly a year later, the Oregon Independent Film Festival (OIFF) took notice and named K.O. ‘Best Action Short Film.’ The small production crew was humbled to hear their enthusiastic response among their friends and family during the screening in mid-September. What was intended as a goofy amateur motion picture made by some sci-fi geeks turned out to be, well, a goofy amateur motion picture made by some sci-fi geeks. Yet at the same time, together they learned how to use imagination in place of budget, turn a storyboard into a story, and make stars [cough] (Booooooooooooooooooooo -JM) out of meteorites.

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Check out K.O. in all its weird and wonderful glory below. It's well worth your time.

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