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Last Thursday, we showed the first images and specs of the completed Honda NSF250R. The $38,200 Moto3 contender weights just 185lbs and puts out a shocking 47.6bhp and 20.6lb/ft of torque. To put that in perspective, the road-going Honda CBR250R weighs nearly twice as much while putting out around half the power. Now, here’s a look underneath that HRC bodywork and video of it in action.

In this PDF and in the gallery, you’ll find shots of the all-new engine and the new frame, which is based heavily on the old RS125R two-stroke. The most revolutionary thing on the engine is the reverse cylinder, which sees the intake at the front and exhaust at the rear to optimize airflow, then cants itself back 15 degrees to optimize mass centralization. Check out just how beefy the frame and swingarm in comparison, despite the minimal weight, this is going to be a very strong platform.


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