Moto Adventurer Kicks Off Round-the-World Attempt at Daytona


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Moto Adventurer Kicks Off Round-the-World Attempt at Daytona

A world-traveling motorcyclist has kicked off what he hopes will be a record-setting ride around the world on a modified Victory Cross Country Tour.

With an escort of dozens of other Victory owners, Swiss national Urs "Grizzly" Pedraita left Daytona Beach today to begin his attempt to travel the world in less than 100 days. The current record for this particular type of ride is 120 days and 2 hours, held by British rider Nick Sanders.

The route involves riding along the longest axis of each populated continent and will also see Pedraita setting tires on Antarctica, just to make the feat more difficult to replicate. It's a route that involves more miles and logistical challenges than simply circumnavigating the globe.

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Pedraita has done that too, of course. A few years ago he sped around the Northern Hemisphere in a record-setting 16 days.

One of his first long-distance challenges involved riding 9,000 miles from Bern, Switzerland, to Vladivostok, Russia, in the dead of winter. At the time he made the attempt, much of the Trans-Siberian Highway, which runs the width of Russia, was unpaved.

In all his long-distance attempts Pedraita has chosen a Victory Cross Country, perhaps proving the old adage that the best bike for traveling is the bike you have.

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Urs 'Grizzly' Pedraita and Daytona1

The bike Pedraita is using for this attempt has been extensively modified to help him tackle long hours in the saddle. A larger fuel tank will mean fewer stops and increased air intake will allow the engine to breathe a little more. The bike, which Pedraita has dubbed "Daytona1," has also been raised a few inches to allow him to ride through areas he anticipates will be flooded.

A unique custom seat with back support will aid in comfort, and a suite of electronics will keep Pedraita on his route and in constant contact with a team of assistants. Pedraita says he plans to upload daily video to his website, taken from the four cameras mounted to his motorcycle.

Also on his website, people can keep track of Pedraita's progress by checking out his current location.

Pedraita's route sees him first heading to South America, then across Australia, up the African continent to Northern Europe, then across into Asia before heading to Alaska and speeding back down to Daytona. If all goes according to plan, Pedraita should be back in Florida on or before June 19th.

Urs 'Grizzly' Pedraita and Daytona1

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