New Ducati Scrambler Food Factory Theme Restaurant in Bologna


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New Ducati-Theme Restaurant in Bologna

The Ducati Scrambler Food Factory “Land of Joy” promotional theme has reached the food division. (“Creative, youthful and spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is more than just a motorcycle, it is a new brand that enhances creativity, self-expression and the sharing of positive emotions. It is a universe of fun, joy and freedom made of motorcycles, accessories and apparel.”) And now pasta.

But let us not be too quick to cry hipster in a crowded restaurant. Keep in mind that pleated pants have faded to history, and that cargo pants are on the way. Before long skinny jeans, Buddy Holly glasses and combat boots will be gone, but spaghetti bolognese will last forever. The first Ducati Scrambler Food Factory is “a real restaurant concept destined to become a meeting and entertainment place characterized by its original atmosphere.” And it will “offer many experiences that extend to other things than the food itself. You’ll find art, music, photo galleries, bike customization, themed events and much more.

“Quality, originality and passion are the basis of this new adventure. Measuring 500 square meters, the Scrambler Ducati Food Factory is located on Stalingrad 27, in an area of the city with a long mechanical production history that is now a center that caters for the young, underground, and the eclectic. Vintage design, but with a contemporary look, the Ducati Scrambler Food Factory perfectly aligned with the Land of Joy style, which should make all Scrambleristi feel at home.”


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