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Since it's a story we've covered laboriously for months, it won't be a surprise to you that the 2013 Triumph Street Triple is relocating its exhaust down low, a change made possible because they had to alter it to meet stringent new legislation anyways. Nor should the red subframe on the R model — now matching the Speed R and 675 R's — catch you out. But, the kind of surprise we do like to see is tidied suspension angles on both the regular and R model.

The non R has its rake steepened from 24.1 to 24.3 degrees while trail in decreased from 99.6 to 95.3mm. The 2013 Triumph Street Triple R, he of the red subframe, decreases its rake from 23.9 to 23.4 and its trail increased from 92.4 to 95mm. Those changes should speed steering on the non R while taming instability on the R.

No motor changes. As discussed previously, this was all primarily prompted by the need to meet new EU exhuast regs.


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