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It looks like Siemens paid the Teutuls to build an electric chopper in order to promote the company's Smart Grid charging technology. Flagrantly violating New York's laws by failing to wear a helmet during his demo ride in an open-to-traffic Columbus Circle this morning, Paul Teutul Sr. described the experience as, "Awesome." In an apparently unnoticed ironic twist, it appears that the nearly-silent chopper isn't just quieter than a typical Orange County Chopper, it's also faster. The official top speed is listed as 100mph.

"We wanted to build this unique chopper to raise environmental
awareness and reflect what the 69,000 employees of Siemens USA are
doing to help America stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow's green
economy," said Daryl Dulaney, President CEO of Siemens Building
Technologies. The Siemens Smart Grid Charger is able to communicate
with the electrical grid, then charge batteries when demand for
electricity is low and therefore cheap.

In keeping with the Eco-friendly theme, the knuckle draggers at OCC
used water based paint and an unspecified amount of "recycled
materials" in the bike's construction.

"Building an electric bike from recycled materials was something new
for us, but we definitely enjoyed the challenge and think that the end
product makes a great addition to our wide range of unique
motorcycles," a PR flack wrote for Teutul Sr, going on to pretend that he
said, "While electric bikes probably won't surpass traditional ones for
the foreseeable future, we also think that energy efficient
technologies are increasingly important for both manufacturers and

The chopper will appear an in episode of the inexplicably popular
American Chopper on TLC before being auctioned off to benefit charity.
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much cooler green technology.

via Christian Science Monitor

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