Pando Moto Releases Capo Armored Riding Jacket


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Pando Moto Releases Capo Armored Riding Jacket

Euro-made Pando Moto unveils newest denim offering; looks like the company's nailed it again

Stylish gear makers Pando Moto have released a denim jacket that, if as good as its riding jeans, will ensure you look look cool while protecting your skin.

Earlier this year, RideApart Director Chris Cope was unfortunate enough to find himself crash testing his pair of Pando Moto Boss 105 riding jeans, which held up quite well. We've yet to have first-hand experience the new Capo Rider Armored denim jacket jacket but past experience suggests it's a quality piece of gear.

The Capo does an incredible job of looking great on and off the bike without any weird sticking-out or bulky areas caused by armor. It boasts myriad safety features and practical design elements for a rider, like subtle stretch panels that allow for a comfortable riding position, and riveted ventilation openings in the armpits.

According to Pando Moto, the Capo’s denim is combined with “Coolmax technology” and is made via hard-wearing stretch 12.5oz Codura denim. Said denim sports interlocking seams and reinforced chain stitches, ensuring the jacket stays in one piece in the event its wearer goes down. Fixed internal slots for elbow, shoulder, and back armor allow you the opportunity to boost safety. (The Capo comes with Knox elbow and shoulder armor, while the back/spine protector is sold separately.)

For my own part, it wasn’t until recently trying on a similar offering from Tobacco Motorwear that I realized how comfortable high-end denim riding jackets can be. Other competitors, such as Saint, have proven there's a real market for products like this, which effectively mix style and function. There is even a partial argument that fashionable safety gear increases the likelihood of a person's choosing to ride somewhere.

This European-made jacket is only available in one color in sizes S-XXL. To learn more about this jacket or the rest of Pando Moto's gear you can check out the Pando Moto website where the Capo armored denim jacket is being sold for €300 (US $335).


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