How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft


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So What Should I Buy?

When looking at chains, look for something designed specifically for security that can’t be attacked with chemicals like liquid nitrogen. Girth, materials, and shape are going to be the biggest factors in a chain’s ability to withstand attacks. Obviously, bigger is stronger, but it’s also important to look for the specific materials used (you want boron, carbon, and manganese in the steel) and to make sure that the shape of the links is designed to turn bolt cutters. This one, the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc, should do quite nicely.


When looking at locks, make sure the lock body encloses as much of the shackle as possible to prevent bolt cutters from being able to access it. This one, by SOBO , will make it really tough for thieves to cut.

Using brands that aren’t common can also be helpful as many thieves have learned how to defeat popular brands. Those boutique brands you found online may frustrate or confuse them with their unfamiliarity.


The best chains in the world are by a company called Almax, unfortunately they don’t have a U.S. distributor. If you’re real smart, you’ll figure out a way to get one online, otherwise just compare anything you’re thinking of buying with their products.


Your choice in disc lock is less important, as it’s more effective in making your bike harder to steal than it is at preventing outright theft. We use XENA disc lock alarms, which are affordable and effective. As an added bonus, the alarm will sound if you forget the lock is there and try to ride off before removing it.

Additional Tips
Park your bike in a garage or yard? Upgrade the locks on those doors or add a motion sensor light. Locks anchored into concrete will be more secure than those bolted to wood or thin metal.

Have windows in the garage? Put bars on them.

Always think about location, the closer your bike is to your person or other people the safer it is. Think about the areas you’re in and what’s acceptable in those areas. Know where you can park on the sidewalk and where you can’t, or where there’s a bar nearby that will have bouncers out front until 2am.

Remember, thieves are looking for the bikes that will be easy and quick to grab, so the more layers of security or deterrents you can add, the better chance your baby will be where you left her in the morning.

What steps do you take to keep your motorcycle safe?

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