Top 5 Bike-uriosities Week of October 24, 2016


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Top 5 Bike-uriosities Week of October 24, 2016

At Bike-urious, we’re spending all of our time finding the most interesting motorcycles that are currently for sale for you to drool over (and maybe empty your wallet for). So let’s take a look at our five favorite offerings from this week. We've got a Dues Single, special Yamaha Supermoto, H-D Model J and a CB1100R you might find interesting as well. We'll start with the Deus.

1. In England – Deus Grievous Angel – Yamaha SR400


Deus calls this bike their "signature SR build", and it's a very pretty example of what a street tracker can look like. It's not every day that a Deus build goes up for sale in the second hand market, so it's always nice to see what the asking prices (and selling prices) are.

Highlights of the build include the bullet fairing, underslung exhaust, Nitroheads seat and tank and AVON tires. It has less than 200 miles because it has spent most of its life in museums and private collections - the seller has put just 100 miles on it in the last 18 months so he's offering it to someone else who can enjoy it. In August 2016 it got a service and it is registered in England until September of next year.

I suspect this bike may have been a former ride of James May, seeing as there can't be many of these builds around and James imported one from New Zealand, then sold it off as part of his collection that went to Bonhams last year - where it went for $12,614. I'm surprised that the seller wouldn't mention that, but maybe he or she is trying to avoid bringing attention to that listing considering the asking price is now $7,500 higher...find the Grievous Angel for sale in London, England for $20,179 here on the Bike Shed.

2. Ex-Doug Henry Racer – Yamaha YZ450F Supermoto


According to the seller, this is the bike that Doug Henry campaigned in the AMA Supermoto Championship seasons of 2005 and 2006 (he placed 2nd in 2006). I'd want to see some proof of that, but the photos show a serious level of kit.


The motor has 15 hours on it since an "overhaul", it's unclear if that means both the top and bottom ends were rebuilt or just the former. The suspension is setup for a 170 pound rider, and the sale will include an extra tire. Highlights of the components include Excel rims, Brembo brakes, WP suspension, and Lightspeed protection. It's the kind of bike that doesn't let you have an excuse for being slow.


Find this YZ450F racer for sale in Atlanta, Georgia for $4,500 here on Supermoto Junkie.

3. 1921 Harley Davidson Model J Solo


The HD Model J was introduced in 1915 with the 61 CID Flathead V-Twin. By 1921 there were two model J’s and two JD’s (Solo and Sidecar). The JD used a 74 CID engine and there were three variants of it offered: A=High Speed Police, B=High Compression for high altitude use, and E=Special Racing Motor. The J and J Sidecar sold for $485, the JD and JD Sidecar sold for $520. Sales for 1921 were 4526 J models and 2321 JD models.


The 1921 Harley Davidson Model J used a 1000CC (61 CID) air-cooled Flathead V-Twin that produced 8.68 horsepower pushed through a 3-speed hand shifted transmission for a top speed of 60 mph. Total weight was 325-lbs. and suspension was leading link on the front and a rigid rear.


This particular 1921 Model J (VIN # 21J 1966) is in St. Louis, Missouri and is listed as clear titled, well running, good rider. It is said to have been painted in the 1980s. The price is currently at $14,100 with the reserve not met here on eBay.

4. Unexpected Road Racer – 1998 Honda CR500


Built by Brian Lloyd, this monster of a Thumper produces an estimated 70-horsepower. When you normally hear CR500, you think of one of the craziest production bikes to hit the dirt. But Brian has converted this CR into a road that's perfect for someone who values lightweight bikes.


For more on the build, check out the Motorcyclist feature. The bike is currently being offered by someone who bought it from Mr. Lloyd in 2015. The CR-powered superbike features the front end from a 2016 Suzuki GSX-R, GP shift pattern and a remote electric starter. It also has a rear wheel from a Suzuki SV650 - according to the seller, it's the only part on the bike that's heavier than the original part and it was done intentionally to add more weight in the back to "dampen the output of this monster two-stroke!"


Find this CR500 roadracer for sale in Glenview, Illinois for $4,500 here on

5. 1982 Honda CB1100R


Considered to be Honda's first homologation special, the 1982 CB1100R is a legend among Honda fans - especially those based in the US, where this bike was never officially sold. The CB was offered in 1981 (RB), 1982 (RC), and 1983 (RD). As an RC, this bike is one of only 1,500 examplesmanufactured.


Based on the CB900F, the CB1100R was developed in an effort to allow Honda to compete in endurance racing. They actually won the 1981 New Zealand Castrol Six Hour on one of these beasts. It was big and it was heavy, but it was damn fast. The engine from the CB900 was bored-out, bumping displacement up to 1062cc. The new engine produced 115-horsepower at 9,000 rpm. Despite the 518-lb. weight, the new one-piece frame combined with Honda's first use of twin-piston caliper front brakes and nitrogen-charged piggyback shocks in a production bike made this bike successful on race tracks that utilized fast sweepers over tight hairpins. Top speed was 149 miles per hour, making it the fastest bike of its time. For more on what makes this CB special, check out this "Memorable Motorcycle" story from Motorcycle USA.


This example (VIN: SC08-2000814) has 37,000+ miles on the odometer and while it looks good, it does not currently run as it has been sitting for a while. The seller suggests that it just needs a new battery and the carb cleaned before it's ready to go. If Honda has any sense of nostalgia for this series of motorcycle, they'll build a new CB1100R based on the current CB1100, like the prototype they showed off in 2007: We can only hope!

If you can't wait for that day, then just find this CB1100R for sale in Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut with bidding up to $8,100 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $19,500 here on eBay.

Well, which one would you put in your garage?

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