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At Bike-urious, we’re spending all of our time finding the most interesting motorcycles that are currently for sale for you to drool over (and maybe empty your wallet for).

1. 1979 Honda CX500 Custom

Honda's CX series of bikes were ahead of the time when they debuted in 1978, with liquid cooling, shaft drive, the first wheels on a production bike to use tubeless tires, and electronic ignition that was isolated from the rest of the electrical system so that you could still bump start the bike if necessary. It was Honda's first V-Twin and for reasons I don't understand, they've become popular as a platform for custom builds as of late. This one is nice enough that I hope the next owner keeps it stock.

The "Custom" was introduced in 1979, and changes were entirely cosmetic. It got new handlebars, a smaller seat, and lower mounted turn signals. The 48 horsepower twin was untouched, and it was supposedly good for a top speed of 106 miles per hour. For more on the CX, check out this article on Motorcycle Classics.

This example (VIN: PC01-2000561) has 12,206 miles and it just received over $3,750 in parts and labor by the mechanics at the New England Motorcycle Museum. They restored it "to like new while careful attention was placed on maintaining original paint and patina". With that said, the speedometer stopped working after refurbishment and it's unclear if the issue is the speedometer or the drive cable.

Find this CX500 Custom for sale in Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut with an unmet opening bid of $999 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

2. 2002 Ducati 998R

In 2002, the 998R was Ducati's halo sportbike. The Italian firm released just 700 examples of the model, which ended up being the last variant of the 916 lineage before the 999 took over in 2003. Cosmetic changes over the 998 were minimal but the Testastretta motor put out much more power - up to 139 ponies. MSRP was a hefty $29,000, but it came with WSBK championship pedigree.

It was destined for race tracks with components like four-pot Brembo brakes, fully adjustable Ohlins suspension, and carbon fiber bodywork. For more information, check out this rehosted review on Motorcycle Specs.

This example (VIN: ZDM3H99V62B014716) has 4,400 miles and this is said to be in excellent condition. It's been "set up to ride" with clipons and Sargent seat, plus some choice upgrades like Casoli carbon tail, Woodcraft clutch cover, full Termi exhaust, and Marchesini magnesium wheels. It's been recently given a full service and it's ready to go.

Find this 998R for sale in East Hampton, New York with bidding up to $20,000 here on eBay.

3. 1984 BMW R100CS Last Edition

In 1984, BMW sold 75 examples of a "Last Edition" R100CS. The K series had been introduced two years before and zee Germans thought it was the future of their product line. So BMW decided to honor the boxer motor with a final run, and as you might expect the last bikes commanded a premium. However, US BMW riders were still so passionate for the boxer twin that BMW ended up bringing back the motor two years later. Owners of the "Last Edition" bikes were pissed because their motorcycles lost the reason for the increased value, and BMW's compensation of a free helmet wasn't sufficient for them. Still, 30+ years later these bikes are still interesting, even if they represent a little white lie.

This specific BMW R100 Last Edition (VIN: E6177314) is one of the R100CS models (BMW also did a Last Edition of the R100RS bikes) and it has 23,586 miles. It's said to be original except for a repainted fairing. Last Edition bikes came with documentation, but the seller didn't make any mention of if he/she has it or not. I would clarify that with the seller before placing a bid.

Find this BMW R100 Last Edition for sale in Portland, Oregon with bidding up to $4,400 here on eBay.

4. “Krazy KZ” – 1978 Kawasaki KZ400

Built by Seth Hensler, this KZ400 was originally acquired for just $100 before he customized it into what you see here. There's several clever bits, including a tail section made from a BMX helmet and a speedo from an airplane that's driven off a pitot tube which measures air speed.

In addition, the bike features a Honda CB350F tank, custom clipons, custom rearsets, a 2-into-1 exhaust, aftermarket shocks, and more. Everything is said to work and it's in good cosmetic condition. It's been featured on Cafe Racer Magazine and won Bike of the Month at Do The Ton.

Find this KZ for sale here on ADVRider (registration required) in Central Pennsylvania for $3,600.

5. Super Single – 2006 Honda CRF450X Road Racer

(This bike-uriousity brought to you by Tim Huber) Last year while spending the day at Chuckwalla (A local SoCal circuit) I had the privilege of trying out what is referred to as a "super-single." They're essentially 450 (single-cylinder) MXers that have been fitted with new suspension and bodywork (along with all the other parts you need to partake in road racing/track riding.) Companies like Beon and Mototech sell these completely transformative race-kits for a few grand, making this CRF Super-single (or Su-Sing) example a pretty sweet deal, and that's before you start calculating the value of the boatload (or bikeload rather) of high-end aftermarket parts and custom work to attach said parts.

These little racers (usually) weigh in at under 250lbs and deliver some of the most entertaining riding and best performance available for the price of a new entry level bike that could never deliver these kind of thrills. Having now ridden one of these I'm baffled as to how they're not the most popular bikes at the track. Official leagues for these bikes do exist but they still seem under-valued/appreciated to me.

This machine started its life as a 2006 Honda CRF450R before it was converted to a su-sing set-up. The 450's suspension and tuning was done by the good folks over at Racetech who also created a custom triple-clamp for this bike. The suspension is further kept in check by a Scott's steering damper, a component that is genuinely noticeable at speed on a featherweight bike such as this. This Su-Sing features the stock internals from the 06' CRF with a Hinson Slipper clutch (love my 07 GSXR600's slipper clutch!) protected by a Hinson clutch-cover, Boyesen water-pump, a K race air filter with custom mounts and an FMF Apex exhaust.

A custom forkboot has enabled the bike to wear a full front and rear Brembo brake set-up. Forged Marchesini wheels only compound this two-wheelers status as a bonafide track weapon. A custom subframe and custom fully-adjustable rear-sets are just two more of the many custom parts found on this racer in addition to the seller making it clear that the bike comes with "many custom machined parts for retrofit".

One of the first things you'll notice about this motorcycle is the ridiculous amount of carbon on it, a diamond might even be a little jealous. All jokes aside this bike has got carbon-fiber everything; chain-guard, lower-fairing, tank cover and rear-fender, all of which have been handmade (according to the seller though I don't doubt it). The remainder of the machine's quick-release bodywork is from Catalyst Racing. The sale also includes the non-carbon tank-cover and lower-fairing. In total this bike weighs in at only 230 lbs. and should make between 50-60bhp, though that figure may be higher due to all the trick mods.

In addition to delivering an awesome track experience, many "super-single" owners enjoy their ability to convert these racers back to their dirt or road going form with relative ease. Owning a 450 and a Super-single kit allows you to truly own a single bike that can do it all. (Maybe not touring though...) It isn't only the simplicity of a single-cylinder workhorse that makes these bikes so cool, they have a unique spirit and personality that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, and a damn positive one at that.

You can buy a Su-Sing kit for pretty much any 450 made by any of the major manufacturers (Kawa, Yammy, Aprilia, Suzuki, KTM) but the Honda CRF Su-Sing has proven itself as king in organized 450 leagues. By a wide margin, this is the most heavily-modified and race-ready super-single I've ever seen. It's not a 100% pristine example, revealing little scratches and scrapes here and there but nonetheless this is something special. This 2006 carbon-clad CRF Super-single is currently being sold on here on Craigslist in Syracuse, NY with the seller asking for $6,500.

Which would you put in your garage?

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