Top Gear Hosts Auction off Bike Collections at Bonhams


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Hosts of the now cancelled (THANKS JEREMY CLARKSON) show Top Gear, James May and Richard Hammond, are selling their bike collections. Us plebeians now have a chance to own some pretty interesting bikes that were previously owned by the car culture icons.

Top gear has been the talk of the car world in recent weeks. Host Jeremy Clarkson pushed the final button via a physical altercation with the show's producer, resulting in Clarkson's termination and the show's cancellation. So one must ask: Are the co-hosts gathering pennies to make up for the lost income source?

Not in the least bit according to May and Hammond.

"I was going to sell these bikes anyway. And those paintings, and my collection of Scalextric cars. Honest," says May.

Hammond adds, "It's important to review one's stable regularly, and the Bonhams Stafford sale is the ideal opportunity to move bikes on and possibly acquire new ones."

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Hammond is to auction off four of his collection pieces, some of which include:

2010 Norton Commando

top gear

1970 Triton 500cc 'Café Racer

top gear

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May's offering totals eight bikes from his collection, which include:

2010 Yamaha SR400 'Grievous Angel' by Deus Ex Machina

top gear

1971 Kawasaki 250cc A1 Samurai

top gear

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The collections are slated to appear at the Stafford Bonhams Auction on April 26th. To see more of their collections, visit the Bonhams Auctions page and the following lots:

**From the press release**

The property of James May:

Lot 326: 1974 Yamaha 49cc FS1-E – £2,000-2,400
Lot 327: 1976 Suzuki AP50 E – £2,000-2,400
Lot 328: 1980 Ossa 250cc MAR Trials Motorcycle – £1,200-1,500
Lot 329: 1979 Suzuki TS250 – £800-1,200
Lot 330: 1973 Honda CD175 – £1,400-1,800
Lot 331: 1975 Honda CB200 – £1,500-1,800
Lot 332: 1971 Kawasaki 250cc A1 Samurai – £5,000-6,000
Lot 333: 2010 Yamaha SR400 'Grievous Angel' by Deus Ex Machina – £8,000-12,000

The property of Richard Hammond:

Lot 334: 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing – £4,000-6,000
Lot 335: 2010 Norton Commando 961SE – £14,500-18,500
Lot 336: 1970 Triton 500cc 'Café Racer' – £6,500-8,500
Lot 337: 1975 Yamaha 49cc FS1-E – £2,500-3,500

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