Two Wheeled Nomad: Homeless On a Bike


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Our Inspiration 

Austin Vince and Sam Manicom, hands down. Vince zoomed around the globe twice over, before Ewan and Charlie without any support vehicles carrying the bare minimum of gear. His wife Lois Pryce also gets my vote by riding through the Americas by herself. And Sam Manicom’s Tortillas to Totems left me feeling that riding through the States should be on everyone's 'bucket list' – all living legends.



In terms of gear, we carry lightweight camping equipment including a homemade ‘beer can’ stove, an adopted idea from Tom Allen’s bicycle trip. When we feel like wild camping, we can just push the side-stands down somewhere discreet for the night and pour a glass of red.

In terms of tools, we’ll have only those in which to carry out basic maintenance and repair, as space is at an absolute premium in two 38-liter Metalmule panniers and a roll bag each. Our specialist tools include a chain breaker/riveter, Motion Pro tool kit and bead breakers for changing tires. Headlight bulbs, clutch and brake levers, brake pads, oil filters, clutch and throttle cable repair kit comprise our spares. A bag of zip ties, spare nuts and bolts, fuses, spare electric cable, gaffa tape and metal putty as the useful odds and ends.


How to Follow 

We’re relaying our adventures on an online travelogue as they unfold and with the help of three GoPros and a Nikon D800, capturing the locals, dramatic landscapes, diverse cultures and wildlife of the Americas. We both love traveling on and offroad, in and out of the saddle; shooting aerial footage from our quadcopter—a remote controlled aircraft that enables a GoPro camera to film as it flies – is another great way of encapsulating the essence of why we should all travel.

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We're now homeless, without offspring and 9-5 jobs—what better time to embrace some life-changing adventure? Over the next 18 months, we’ll wend our way up the Americas from Patagonia to Prudhoe Bay. We’d like to see as many countries by means of the scenic routes off road where possible, trying our best to avoid the freeways and highways. I have no idea when we’ll get to Alaska or what we’ll do when we arrive; I only know that the world is open and calling. Life is for living, why not live it loudly? [RideApart will be checking in with the duo as they travel the globe, but feel free to visit their site: - Ed. Note]



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