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Victory Motorcycles has revealed that an all-new engine—inspired by this summer's Project 156 effort—will be in production for next year. The bike that will house that engine, however, has not been revealed.

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The American company has said the new liquid-cooled V-twin will be featured in "an upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle."

Victory will be unveiling the full platform in stages, with the next step taking place next month at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York. In the meantime, the company commissioned Swiss custom builder Urls Erbacher to deliver a concept bike that offers a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Victory Ignition Concept

Known as the Victory Ignition, the bike is, of course, an homage to R. Kelly's seminal R hit "Ignition (Remix)." Well, not literally.

Erbacher says the Ignition was inspired by the Project 156 motorcycle that was used to compete in the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb earlier this year.

For more information about the custom concept, visit

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Victory Ignition Concept

More information on the new Victory engine, though, is harder to come by. Victory says the "liquid-cooled four-valve engine has a 60-degree V angle, utilizing double overhead cams" and stresses that this engine is definitely not the same as that used in the Indian Scout (Indian and Victory are both owned by Minnesota-based Polaris).

Victory's team were unwilling to spill the beans on more specific aspects of the engine, such as power delivery and torque. They were equally tight-lipped about the bike it will power.

What I'm interested in is whether this forthcoming bike will be something other than a cruiser. In an effort to find out, I employed the classic journalist technique of asking the same question over and over in different ways. Which prompted the Victory team to employ the classic PR technique of giving the same answer over and over in different ways, that being: wait and see.

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Victory Ignition Concept

At one point I asked Victory Director of Marketing Alex Hultgren if he felt the bike in question would be a continuation of what we've come to expect from Victory, to which his answer was a resounding "Mmmm."

That could be, "Mmmm," as in "yes." Or it could be, "Mmmm," as in, "Stop asking me the same question over and over in different ways." But even if the answer was yes, the question was a little too vague to get a real sense of what the answer meant.

Was it, "Yes, we are planning to make another cruiser," or simply, "Yes, this is a continuation of Victory's American Muscle philosophy..."?

I guess we'll have to wait and see. Victory promised to reveal more on December 11th.

Victory Ignition Concept

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