Video of the Day – 30 Years of GSXR History


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Video of the Day – 30 Years of GSXR History

Hot on the heels of our History of Suzuki Oil-Cooled Engines article, we bring you a look at the 30-year history f the GSX-R series, through the eyes of Suzuki. The video includes footage of the manufacturing process, insight to the decisions behind the air-oil cooled philosophy of those original superbikes and some candid discussions with the Japanese engineers that are not to be missed.

Today you actually get the privilege of not watching just one, but two videos as the 30-year history is offered in two parts. So, grab your earphones, build a fort around your desk and get ready to take a trip in the way-back machine that will show you the evolution of the GSX-R superbike.

GSX-R History
Suzuki GSX-R History
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