Video of the Day: Tima Kuleshov Owns Barcroft TV


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Video of the Day: Tima Kuleshov Owns Barcroft TV

Check out this kid’s motorcycle riding skills. Not only can this four year-old kid stunt like a wild man but he can ride off-road, pedal a bike and he no longer wears pull-ups so he is damn near a grown man. His father, Alexander actually trains youth riders on the fine nuances of riding bikes, motorcycles, three-wheelers skis and more. If you live in Europe and have a kid that you hope will one day be your meal ticket, then this dad has the potential to get your kid where they need to be.

Anyway, the young man is Tima Kuleshov has his own website, Facebook and YouTube following. He’s got charisma and his parents are pretty good at marketing the little tyke. So, check out this video then visit their complete YouTube channel for even more of these oh, so cute, videos.

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