Watch This CBR 600 Motorcycle on a Long Police Chase Through LA, Stunting Along the Way


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Want to be famous? Just run from the police. This CBR 600 F4I rider was apparently stunting, speeding or both, on the highway when police tried to pull him over. Instead of stopping and taking the probably minimal ticket, he bolted leading LA Police and Sheriffs through a long chase.

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You can’t outrun Motorola. As the news helicopter remained right on his tail despite police stopping and starting the chase. Some forces have the “No Chase” policy, which reduces risk to the general public.

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Long Police Chase Through LA

Watch around the 7:30 minute mark and the 10 minute mark, you’ll see the guy do some lame stunts and taunt officers.

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Around the 15 minute mark, he shouts at some people on the street then does some awkward stand up on the gas tank and throttles down. He’s just doing this for the attention. I think his Ride of the Century pals decided to stay home that day, leaving police with the easy decision to pursue just him.

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How does it end? With an Instagram Account shout out.

Scroll to the 19 minute mark.

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“He did not give us his name, but he did give us his Instagram account...”

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