Yamaha Unwraps New Tracer 900 and 900 GT at EICMA 2017


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Yamaha Unwraps New Tracer 900 and 900 GT at EICMA 2017

The EICMA 2017 candy store in Milan continues the display of new goodies. This time, it's Yamaha’s replacement(s) for the FJ-09: the Tracer 900 Sport Touring and 900 GT.

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While European-spec Yamaha motorcycles have used the Tracer model name since the introduction of the 900 in 2015, the replacement of the FJ name for US-spec models is part of Yamaha’s ongoing initiative to unite the global community of Tracer riders who share the “Roads of Life.”

Yamaha Sport Touring models combine outstanding sport performance, all round versatility, and serious long-distance ability. Launched three years ago, the FJ-09 quickly became established as the definitive Sport Tourer in the fast growing sub-1000cc class. With its sporting performance, agile handling, and the ability to handle long distances with ease, the new Tracer 900 will continue to be a pillar of Yamaha’s Sport Touring lineup. Powered by the popular 847cc crossplane concept 3-cylinder engine with strong linear torque, the Tracer 900 is extremely enjoyable to ride, and its versatility represents the true spirit of motorcycling.

Yamaha's team of designers concentrated on reinforcing the much loved strengths and values of the successful FJ-09 while developing it into the new Tracer 900. A larger windscreen offers better upper body weather protection for a more relaxing and enjoyable ride on longer journeys, and with its manual height adjustment facility, it can be quickly set to the desired position. For enhanced passenger comfort, the new model also features a revised passenger footrest assembly together with the newly designed grab bars.

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The Tracer 900 is equipped with a newly designed aluminum swingarm as well as revised rear shock settings to further enhance the bike’s touring performance. Both the rider's and passenger's seats are a new design. The rider's seat is adjustable for height in two positions, and a soft pad on the tank adds comfort on longer journeys.

Joining the Tracer 900 Sport Touring on its trip over to The States is 900 GT, a new model that comes with a premium specification as standard. Developed from the Tracer 900 and sharing the same specification upgrades, the GT is designed to offer sport touring riders the ultimate package at a competitive price.

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The Tracer 900 GT's Quick Shift System transforms acceleration performance by allowing the rider to make seamless clutchless upshifts. The cruise control system from the MT-10 is standard equipment, and can be set to control speed in 4th, 5th, and 6th gear when riding above 31 mph. This system is operated by a switch on the left handlebar cluster, and can be used to increase or decrease cruising speed in 1.5 mph increments. The system is automatically cancelled by the application of brakes, clutch, or throttle, and features a resume button that allows the rider to reset to the previous setting.

Tracer 900 GT riders get a unique view from the cockpit, with the latest TFT (Thin Film Transistor) instrument panel. Featuring a full color display, this high specification instrument panel comes with a comprehensive range of information, including gear position, ambient temperature, coolant temperature, current riding mode, fuel level status and fuel consumption averages.

The first 2019 Tracer 900 motorcycles destined for the US market are due to arrive in the 2nd half of 2018, and the MSRP will be announced in the coming months.

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